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  • The Nike Air Max 97 Appears Wearing Multiple Shades Of Green

    Olive and similar shades of green will never go out of style — this is due in part to militaria, which has spread its roots throughout near all facets of popular fashion. And soon, the Air Max 97 will dress up once again in this beloved palette. And the silhouette does so with very little […]

  • Nike’s New Air Max 97 “Cork” Is Colored In “Coconut Milk”

    Nike (NYSE:NKE -0.23%) ‘s Air Max 97 has been given a “Cork” makeover freshened up with a light “Coconut Milk” palette. Most of the shoe is constructed in white canvas, complemented by a handful of vibrant details, like a “Fig. 6” embroidery at the tongue. The collars feature dark yellow mesh, matching the same tone […]

  • Nike Ostensibly Draws From School Supplies With This Air Max 97

    School is in session and yet Nike is still looking for their supplies. With this upcoming Air Max 97, the brand is on the hunt for the perfect composition book, its pattern applied to the Christian Tresser designed runner. Elsewhere, however, the leather and mesh panels are comparatively one note, opting for a flat shade […]

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Samantha and Olivia are both writers and activists.

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